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A film production company dedicated to grassroots storytelling.


Wild Confluence is a production company dedicated to grassroots storytelling. We make films that elevate our planet’s most pressing causes, critical movements, and innovative leaders. You can find our award-winning films touring with festivals, including Banff Mountain Film, Wild & Scenic and 5 Point. Wild Confluence has worked with industry leaders, including REI, Patagonia, Merrell and NBC Left Field. We love working with like-minded brands and nonprofits to build collaborative alliances and campaigns that leverage grassroots engagement from a local to international scale.


We are a full service creative studio that specializes in developing captivating stories from concept to completion. We couldn't do it alone though, and luckily we have amazing friends with diverse skills including script writing, producing, underwater cinematography, audio post-production and dangling from high places.  



Wild Confluence Media is a creative duo based in Missoula, Montana.


Colin Arisman

Story Development • Creative Director • Director of Photography


Luke Kantola

Art Director • Post-production Supervisor



A few of the adventurous and talented creatives that we love to work with.

Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Director & Cinematographer


Faith E. Briggs



Connor Gallagher

Cinematographer & Editor

"A knack for storytelling"


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