Last Stand

The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest

The Mountain Caribou Initiative is a team of wildlife trackers, photographers and filmmakers collaborating to tell the dramatic story of the crumbling world of mountain caribou in western Canada and the northwestern United States. Mountain caribou serve as a “canary in the coal mine”, their continued decline reflecting pressure from human resource extraction, recreation activities, and climate change on the remote and beautiful landscapes that these majestic caribou call home.

The goal of the Mountain Caribou Initiative is to raise awareness of the plight of these elusive animals, the threats facing the largest inland temperate rainforest in the world and the complexity of wildlife conservation in the 21st century. Through both field expeditions into the wildest corners of the Selkirk, Columbia and Rocky mountains, and collaboration with leading mountain caribou biologist and conservation groups, we are producing a wide range of visual media, written articles and educational experiences. Much of this content will be accessible to the public for free. Please help us create these powerful educational tools, and support our campaign to raise awareness for the endangered mountain caribou.

Mountain caribou are a distinct ecotype of caribou. They are unique to the Inland Temperate Rainforest and Columbia Mountains of British Columbia and northern Washington and Idaho in the United States. Mountain caribou are the southernmost caribou in western North America and are highly dependent on old growth forests where centuries-old trees are not uncommon. Mountain caribou have adapted to a harsh environment in ways that no other animal can.